2020 Protests and Uprisings

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MC a libra friend or with libra placements you haven‘t heard from in ages/who is far away from you (take what resonates lol) is thinking of...
Disgusted by men
I believe many more women feel this way but force themselves to date men or seek out their validation because of societal pressure. Because you...
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Thanks for the add. I'm doing stock picking and speculating right now. Don't follow me o as this is not recommended at all I want to buy land...
I threw up at his house and now he "needs space"
Sorry OP, you jus gotta accept the L & move on. Learn from it.
Chet Haze Releases Full Video for "White Boy Summer" as Ex-Girlfriend Files $1Million Defamation...
Seeing all the black women in the comments on his Instagram co-signing...oh dear. His DM's must be flooded.
‘Bridgerton’ Renewed For Seasons 3 & 4 By Netflix
They better focus on having dark skinned characters in the forefront Or content creators can simply adapt one of the millions of black authored...
RHOA Dennis recording PJ playing the piano
It's interesting that Kenya had posted Brooklyn playing the piano. Now, we have Pilar. All in all, it's cute to watch. . I noticed that
The Henry Cavill Appreciation & (Former) Harem Meet-up Thread (Part 6)
Just found this piece of golden nuggets This only confirms what I've been thinking about him for years. he has the best intentions, but can't...
Joseline is currently trending
This has GOT to be a parody! It's giving skit/sketch show. Joseline is a quick talker so I think she'd be great with a show like that.
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