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RHOP: Apparently none of the housewives attended Karen’s birthday celebration
I just posted about this on a different thread. Nothing from the Rhop cast on her birthday, not even her bestie Ashley. Karen wished Wendy's son...
Does anyone else get triggered when seeing “A different world” or “Grownish” if you didn’t get...
No, why would you get triggered over an exaggerated TV show? Its not necessarily real and accurate.
Pete Davidson in #TheKingOfStatenIsland (on HBO max)
I enjoyed it and actually watched some more of his stuff because of it.
Am I Wrong For Laughing At My Cousin's Weight Gain And School Problems?
Life has a way of humbling you so the same way that you think her situation is karma for what she said, there could also be karma for you laughing...
Rebecca Silvera is dating Footballer Jerome Boateng
He can date whomever he wants. Perhaps it is you that should move on. Really!! Rebecca you should moved on long time ago, but you didn’t stop...
YouTube's Beef Sector: The Poor Reports
Lol in our defense u can't give timestamps during lives. True! I skip around and hope I find what y'all were talking about lol.
Octavia B
Where did I say she couldn’t post as she pleases? I chose my words carefully but a hit dog will always holler. girl...I guess, Lol. This is...
Winter, from “The Coldest Winter Ever”?
I see people talking about how wonderful this book is all the time, but people never talk about the characters’ flaws. Like the main character...
Rose McGowan is not here for the term “birthing people”
Maybe if Cory had said "Black Maternal" mortality instead of "black birthing" people, then that would've been the focus. Lets be clear, this will...
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