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YOUTUBER Keesha Anderson - Thread 3
Y’all asha said Cynthia Bailey is her fuckin twin! :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: whats up with this whore here!? and I said IKYFL! she looks like and alien...
Which one is easier to finesse: drug dealer or rich old men?
I don't actually think you're finessing rich white men at all. They have the funds to trick and aren't ashamed of using their wealth for snatch...
Drake's Baby Mama Posts Picture of Their Adorable Son Adonis
Black genes were simply outnumbered here. The blonde hair is really what takes it.
Nick Cannon celebrating baby shower with his latest baby mama
Yes...I agree that this particular baby momma is very much enjoying this and doing the UTMOST. She’s very into the fact that she’s having a baby...
White reporter tells black footballer to pronounce his full Nigerian name
LOL. Names with meaning, sauce & smoothness — not some unseasoned names without any meaning. Man like Fiks, lol. I like how she set the question...
This yt woman tried to get in my car tonight
Did her car look anything like yours? It was Black but mine was an Audi, she had Honda like this
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