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Did anyone actually grow their hair with fermented rice water?
TIp: If you want to try fermented rice water, use black rice instead of white or jasmine rice. Also, let it ferment for 12 hours instead of 24...
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Prince paris and bigi pic/discussion thread part 14
Why would black people care about who they marry? Those kids have zero connection to black culture and obviously live their lives as white people...
Gold Digger Astrology
8th house stellium here and these negros have NO gold. You’re better off taking out an insurance policy and letting God work.
Occult Book Collection Official Thread
I’m not in those groups anymore but if y’all join the Bobby Hemmit and Occultary Speaking , Brotha Panic groups on Face Book and you go to the...
The Henry Cavill Appreciation & (Former) Harem Meet-up Thread (Part 6)
Dany’s trying to do the same thing with Henry that she did with Dwayne Johnson with product placement. That's why the personal story about the...
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"Ontario police can stop you just for being outside: Inside the 'strictest' COVID-19 measures in...
Here’s a follow up. The Ontario government is suppose you walking back the policing...
Amber Heard Confirms She's Back For Aquaman 2
Amber Heard seems to be confirming she will be in Aquaman 2, despite rumors that the role of Mera was being recast. She tweeted that she is...
Lolo Jones, 38, opens up about difficulty dating: ‘You give up hope’
Yep. And watch them go crying in Jane Doe the next week. A lot of women fonts in here jump in bed within a week of knowing a guy. They dont even...
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