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Found you guys a new AMBW youtube family! (MAZELEE) - Thread II
What is life without someone to cut a single bell pepper into a million pieces to split between 9 people share it with? Or however that quote...
Twitter says Chicago Mayor is having an affair on her wife and considering resignation
The moment they found out what Lori's lover looks like, it's over. I'm just hoping ole girl she cheated with isn't a gangbanging-loving white...
Anyone notice how different ChloexHalle look these days?
Maturing and finding themselves... you can literally look at the before pics you used and see “baby” all in their faces. They are grown ass women now.
Older Black People and Coded Language
I’m always skeptical of these threads because what is the reason? What do we stand to gain? Also a lot of the things you wrote in the OP I have...
Why Didn't You Cancel Doja Cat?
The people who tried to cancel her never supported her in the first place. So, their "exit" never really effected her numbers. Plus, Doja has a...
Occult Book Collection Official Thread
Here is the link to my personal Dropbox of PDFs: The Real Black Girl Magic Library Feel free to add other sources of occult PDFs to this thread...
I Miss Him :(
The funniest thing is all the "I miss him" threads below OP's lol
Ayy do British people have to bow to their “royals”?
The Queen's daughter came to our high school for a tour. Our class didn't want to bow and the teacher couldn't really make us so they made her...
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