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Carmen Caboom
No need I already knew the 2 KROGER locations by the layout of the area..When she was hassling Al Green, that was Highway 64..The other location...
When Arab Swirling Goes Wrong
Mimi is such a mess, I can't even follow her shenanigans chronologically. Can someone break it down in the order of events from the time she was...
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Chris Cornell Blind Item - Might Explain His Death XII
I love that granny’s ‘subtle’ reply on IG (“returning the favor darling , only on a bigger scale and so much much more”) to Lily showing her rings...
Momma Cat Said....What You’re Not Going To Do Is Hurt My Baby...
The dogs all agreed to keep this incident amongst themselves. No way did they want this getting back to the pack.
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Meghan Markle unpopular opinions thread pt 2
It is no wonder why they can’t keep staff. It must be exhausting both mentally and physically working for those two human freaks. I dont envy...
Smash or Pass: Kr1s Wu
He is tho. Manipulative and b*tchmade. Still cries like a lil girl over his SM days and is triggered by Koreans since I believe all that is...
Saweetie and Doja Cat Deliver A Tragic Performance at the #TrillerFightClub
This looks like a high-budget RuPaul's Drag Race lip-sync for your life battle. Sashay away... Child don't sleep on the queens! They can do it...
China is NOT 'taking over' Africa!
You're so dumb that you think that every person who is raped has children with their rapists like your ancestors did, i'm not surprised you have a...
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