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Chris Cornell Blind Item - Might Explain His Death XII
Got to love Matt throwing some shade from his ‘clan’!! MFC is a sweetheart and so is Lily. The ring on her index finger looks like a moonstone...
Smash or Pass: Kris Wu
Pass. I knew his "ex" who was a teen in high school. This was only like a year and a half ago. He's dirty. A total bum and ugly irl.
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YOUTUBER Keesha Anderson - Thread 3
Wow, Jermisha really is a bought and paid for bitch! Big Keef put that call in and told Jerm to clean it TF up and his weak ass complied...
Ayy do British people have to bow to their “royals”?
You are “supposed” to...They even require bowing/curtsying in private with no cameras remember that part in the Oprah interview? Meghan was like...
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Stay-at-home father is upset 200K+ wife gives money to HER family. Thinking of divorce! Is he in...
This isn't a new issue. I'm wondering how he was able to look past this while they were dating/engaged. This woman probably feels obligated to...
The Beige Triplets "The PowerPuff Girls" (AllyiahsFace, Brixana, and KirahOminique)
she seems slow. When her and AF were out to Korean bbq and AF was trying to explain everything, she was asking if the macaroni was raw? Like...
UK fonts: will you travel from May 17th?
Will you travel abroad or stay local once travel restrictions are lifted from next month?
The Henry Cavill Appreciation & (Former) Harem Meet-up Thread (Part 6)
You’d hope for the baby’s sake, the blind isn’t about HC and NV... I think some on here theorised it could be Regé Jean? Apparently he has some...
Tiny Tini 115lbs Kim Next To Victoria Beckham
Kim knows she’s been out styled by VB. Her face says it all.
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