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Couples' Therapy Season 2 on Showtime Premieres Tonite
robot & ghost: why did she keep the baby? she's a single mother with an intrusive f-ck buddy roommate child. as if ghost is a third needy person...
RHOA Is Porsha leaving RHOA after this season?
I think it would be great if Porscha and Cynthia left. Kick out drew and allow for 3-4 new housewives + Marlo as the friend of. don’t bring back...
Married to Medicine Season 8 Episode 7: "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner"
How did Quad enter into a statement about Doctor's not cooking? lol Heavenly just bein her messy self as usual. But when quad claps back she’ll...
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Meghan Markle unpopular opinions thread pt 2
This woman truly has a mental illness. Why is nobody trying to get her the help she so desperately needs? Ever try to get someone with mental...
This yt woman tried to get in my car tonight
People need to pay attention, like that bitch who murdered Botham Jean talking about she thought she was at her house. Still to this day I don’t...
Crying all the time
Feel better OP. My doctor gave me meds(xanax) last year, and it only added to my confusion. Xanex is very dangerous for being addicting, so I...
Food-addicted woman too fat to fit in a plane seat sheds 182 lbs during lockdown
She looks great. I actually thought the first pic was the before and the second was the after. I didn't realize a size 10 was so small. Media...
Father, stepmother charged with capital murder in MS baby's death
Father, stepmother charged with capital murder in death of 14-month-old Mississippi girl CLAIBORNE COUNTY, MS (WLBT) -The father and stepmother...
Drake's Baby Mama Posts Picture of Their Adorable Son Adonis
I predicted YEARS ago that he would start his family with a white woman. Drake is a Canadian Jew cosplaying a Black man cosplaying a rapper...
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