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Gabi and Dani Thread
GET A LIFE Why is she using five thousand accents. The winter accent, the British accent that bother her and dani suck at, the New York accent...
Lyfe buys son his own business for his birthday
I'm be honest I'm not buying my 16yo no fucking franchise. That's so much work, so many things could go wrong too. Just put the money in a college...
The Beige Triplets "The PowerPuff Girls" (AllyiahsFace, Brixana, and KirahOminique)
Kirah just gives such dirty/unkempt vibes. At the beginning of her video, she was in her bathroom and had her armpit all in the frame for a long...
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YOUTUBER Keesha Anderson - Thread 3
Literally nothing else cliff or gif worthy cause we seen the BTS from everybody else IGs lol she ends with a video of her being carried. I guess...
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How often do men approach you to get your number?
First, what do you mean by approach? Is this in person approaches or does this include online (DMs, dating app messages)? (reminder: we're...
YouTube's Beef Sector: The Poor Reports
Trout Mouth @Palm Reader includes you as well too. Bradey's Black Bottom included me in what? I be missing stuff.
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Chris Cornell Blind Item - Might Explain His Death XII
I must admit I'm loving the subtle clapback on the new TC/CC 'daddy daughter (vom) page. I'm also greatly enjoying her being called out by more...
Really Moderna?
This is the same for ALL vaccines and ALL medications period, hence the warnings on the paperwork and back of bottles.
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