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Smash or Pass: Kris Wu
he resembles a lil squirrel its the cheeks I guess? but yea agree too soft, the japanese guy earlier looked androgynous but still masculine
Crying all the time
OP here again. I was not expecting a featured thread. Thank you to everyone who responded and you're suggestions. To answer some questions: I am...
The Henry Cavill Appreciation & (Former) Harem Meet-up Thread (Part 6)
He’s already exposed what mews he lives in Hopefully not everyone knows.
Gabi and Dani Thread
They better invest in a air mattress! I cannot believe at their BIG age they still sleep together ‍♀️ I I thought the same thing when I saw it...
Hot Sauce Recommendations?
I love Tattoo's scotch bonnet curry I put it on everything. Chili garlic cholula is my default hot sauce. LA MF VALENTINA >>>>>
Smash or Pass: Alan Shirahama
Hmm i see i see. Can i give Alan and the 30,000 back? And just have Akira? I feel it's a great deal op . :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Alright deal!
Twitter says Chicago Mayor is having an affair on her wife and considering resignation
Ever since someone said Lori's wife looked like Lurch, I can't unsee it. This is a mess and I'm perched for tea
My Jazzy Life
If she get rid if Chris maybe she will start feeling better Jazz would breakdown if this stranger left her codependency & food are her only...
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Buckingham Swirl: The Prince Charles (and Family) Appreciation Thread
I don’t even know what to say. She does look like William! Is she Philipp’s love child with that woman? Wooww.
Daunte Wright called his mom before being shot. George Floyd yelled for his. As a Black mother...
Her greatest fear should be her black ass daughter being murdered at the hands of a black man. The chances of that happening are far greater than...
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