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Another Trans Freak Out At Popeye's Over "Wrong" Pronoun Usage; Says It's The Same As Using N Word
You need to stop with the "mentally ill biological male" nonsense. It's offensive and wrong. You need to learn not to tell other what to do as...
Twitter is upset with Ciara and Russell for paying woman’s tab @ restaurant and tipping
I've been rereading their tweets for like 15 minutes now and I still don't get why they're so mad.
South Sudanese boy is subjected to Racist Abuse in Viral Video (Egypt)
I am Ja'alin and copt, but from her perspective we are "arabs" mixed breeds. That is how she see us. That poster is not well verse in nuisance in...
Halle bailey looks so gorgeous here! Omg
Aww what a radiant smile! She is beautiful and adorable at the same time! That shade fuchsia looks lovely on her :love:(y)
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Black woman goes on mini rant, says she gonna support Asian nail shops no matter what! “They...
This is on point. They kill us and our children and don't get punished. They harass and kill us as cops also, they lie on us, they also beat...
Drama, Marriage and Shade: Braxton Family Tea
Zo out here promoting keri, did that woman pay Zo $50 for this little promo? it didn’t really help the traffic to his post though, his likes...
he didn't even do 50/50 with his ex-wife, it was 75/25e5 yet him & his ilk keep preaching a narrative of women plotting & scheming on getting...
Big Brother Can S9: Watch/Live Feed/Spoiler Thread
What is Taran’s one-sided beef w/Ty? WTF? Ty was his favorite all season I think he got disappointed in the end about jury management but he...
The girls are fighting! Is “Real” Deal Life w/Storm a liar?
Yep. I only felt triggered enough to dig because Fran’s lying ass was talking about knowing shit before LSA and after a while Tempest felt off...
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