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Manager said we had to return to the office, entire team ignores her.
They fucked up allowing people to work from home. :ROFLMAO: Now NOBODY wants to go back, except those who actually like interacting with their...
The Henry Cavill Appreciation & (Former) Harem Meet-up Thread (Part 6)
Wait, what? There’s one thing I can’t bring myself to understand in this hot mess. If he is such a private person as he always claims to be, and...
DMX & THE POUND : TEA on beloved rapper many side chicks, 9 bms & 17 kids.
Yooooo!! This thread moves hella fast, I'm still on page 63. I leave this page and come back and y'all are on page 7, y'all better wait for your...
Any info on miatheboss or crissythedoll
You can tell when she got played. She’ll start to throw shots & say this and that. Like girl take your L. He wasn’t tryna spend the bread on that...
Overweight women not being attracted to and clowning overweight men
Yes, in all her music videos, I NEVER have seen an overweight man as a love interest. It's always a muscular, handsome Black man. She could have...
Jeff Goldblum, 68, spotted jetting out of Sydney and home to the U.S.
He looks like his knees hurt. I’ll willingly give him the Deshaun special to help those knees.
What is "formal causal?"
How do you dress formal casually? Add a Layer Over or Under – Whether to add a blouse underneath or a jacket over (or both!), adding a more...
German colonialism
Nice start, I thought it’d be more in depth than this though, OP...
life of the cassells -vloggers
The thing about baby Silas. I dont personally make jokes about babies. But I'll state facts. They allow Kiara to film this child knowing people...
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