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UPDATE Lizzo in LSA White Kangs DMs + Update
You mean short Puerto Rican men? No skinny black men during tax time
Houston Tea 2019: Hoes, Pimps & Some More Shhh
This is the second or third random fight I’ve come across that Markeisha is in the background instigating with that manly ass voice.
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YOUTUBER Keesha Anderson - Thread 3
Why none of the men carried her out??? Another woman had to Good question. Lol but that’s how you know she is the size and weight of a child...
Her light shined: Hester Ford, oldest living American, dies at 116 years old
Beautiful lady! Mrs. Ford indeed "lived right." I am so happy to see that she was loved and cared for by her family. May Mrs. Ford rest in peace...
Les Twins Tea anyone???
Well damn Larry! He’s back already? Did he just go there to f**k her? He spent more time in Dubai than he did with his woman. What was it like 3...
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F1 Racing 2021 Season Thread
Guys I am so excited about the 2022 Miami GP. I don't know why but I thought they were talking about it being down south which I was still ok with...
RHOA Drew is the worst housewife ever!
Yea she took the classy route at first, that signed autograph for LaToya was a good kiki moment for her. Even Kenya laughed. She even could have...
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