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Kims new face
Nose looking like it wants to run away
The Conjure Products by Lala Inuti Ahari
I have had instant/ life changing results but it was either clearing work (from demonslayer/ingridrises on fiverr,) or a weight loss spell series...
Texas high schoolers held a "n-word auction" for black classmates through Snapchat
fuck all these kids i hope they all fuckng die. 2021 and i have zero fuckng tolerance, and which one of these fonts found the op to be so funny...
'men should never want a woman w/ a HIGH body count'
I have never had a man ask how many men I’ve slept with tbh. I feel like it's childish and no woman is gonna be 100% honest let's be real now.
Disgusted by men
It’s called “romance alley” why would you waste your time talking about men if you hate them on a board specifically dedicated to romance? most...
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My boyfriend got another girl pregnant
Noone is trolling. We met after he apparently got her pregnant. The girl hid her pregnancy until now. Miss if you wanna be a sister wife, then do...
New $3,000 child tax credit to start payments in July, IRS says
Exactly. Are they going to start protesting all programs with federal guidelines that recognize that children reduces income in comparison to a...
Staples Center TRYING IT with vaccine passports
People are not necessarily non-vaxers and don't want to be on lockdown forever but they don't want to be indirectly forced to get vaccinated to go...
Latin America Music Tea Thread
I'ts good this thread is seeing stuff for what it is when it comes to BB so we can talk mess about everyone equally lol. He isn't above anything...
Tired of these white girls emulating who they THINK we are..
She’s exaggerated a persona of black women that are deemed these things, but aren’t. I said this in the OP..but ok You also said if a black girl...
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