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19 Year Old Kenneka Jenkins Found Dead in Hotel Freezer After Partying W/Friends
A 19-year-old West Side woman was found dead in a walk-in freezer at a Rosemont hotel where she had gone for a party with friends and had been...
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MakeupShayla General Discussion Thread
But can we settle the debate on how much her wedding costs? It’s obviously a $100k+ wedding. Whether she paid for it in cash, promotions, or...
People laughing at this "double homicide" clip, let me be mean...
Laughing at someone's abortions isn't funny but it was the quickness of the 'double homicide'... like who thinks of that let alone says it? You...
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Meghan Markle unpopular opinions thread pt 2
That’s really disgusting! Honestly, it’s not even been a week! How much did pass between PPs funeral and them updating the page? 24 hours?
PPP loan/grant users BEWARE my bank account is frozen
https://data.clarionledger.com/paycheck-protection-program-loans/?state=New+York&searchtext=New+york The names of recipients of PPP are being...
This yt woman tried to get in my car tonight
Why are we caping for this alleged woman? OP safety could been at risk and I am glad that no one was harmed. People are dangerous and there’s no...
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