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Manager said we had to return to the office, entire team ignores her.
One thing I agree with is that the pandemic exposed is that micromanagement is an unnecessary overhead cost for most businesses. Most of these...
24 Monkeys Escape the Zoo to Sunbathe in the Forest
Zoos are so inhumane. Yeah I prefer conservatories, sanctuaries and preserves. The first two only take in animals that need to be taking in from...
How to stay focused and untempted during dieting? PCOS Edition
I am in the same boat and was doing Keto but I found it wasn't working for me. I know incorporate carbs but not a lot. I eat good carbs a lot but...
Chet Haze Releases Full Video for "White Boy Summer" as Ex-Girlfriend Files $1Million Defamation...
Now how does the white community, specifically white males be held accountable for this toxic behavior
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Ariana Fletcher aka @therealkylesister & Associates Discussion Thread
I just can’t get over this baby being 3 with all those missing teeth It's gonna really hit home when the baby get his teeth and they in pictures...
Overweight women not being attracted to and clowning overweight men
I'm not fat and not sure what your statement has to do with my post. Carry on!! You said everyone has the right to be attracted to whoever they...
Latin America Music Tea Thread
Imma just leave this here lol Anuel Tryna get those tickets too by any means necessary. idk how Ozuna fucks with him. Anuel talks so much...
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