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Meghan Markle unpopular opinions thread pt 2
The funeral wreaths haven't yet wilted, not even the purple one, yet loving JCMH has made sure to update his IMDB profile with details of his on...
When was this? it’s a funny video about JaSmoothie.
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RHOA RHOA S13, Ep.18 | "How the Wig Stole Christmas" | (Season Finale)
Not sure if you saw the chat room but Giselle essentially said that her ex or someone in their ATL church circle confirmed that Latoya is indeed...
Do you feel like your environment makes you anxious and underperform?
I know exactly how you feel. I'm a perfectionist and I'm very hard on myself. My parents have somewhat problematic parenting styles. My dad would...
Most Played Out Overhyped Ethnic Cuisine: Italian, Chinese or Japanese Food
Italian and Japanese food for sure. I’ve visited all three countries and can say Chinese food (regionally have the best food to offer) . Italian...
ShareesLove143 Discussion Thread...
I'm not even exaggerating- this girl sprayed herself over 40 times with body spray just to go to bed. And this was 100% filmed in a hotel...
Kate Middleton proclaimed the "Rock" of reborn royal family
Wasn’t Sarah Vine the racist bitch who had a “niggling” suspicion about Meghan?! Fuck that fat hoe and the mediocre duchess she supports! Yes, it...
Calls to expel Maxine Waters for inciting violence gain steam
Do you have a clip of Gaetz encouraging harassment or confrontation similar to the below? If so, please share. ***This thread is a litmus...
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