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Minnesota Police Shoot and Kill White Carjacker...
Lol at the unhinged man being referred to as "the community" as he’s yelling at the Black woman victim. Any angry black person with a bullhorn at...
Dababy makes fun of a flight attendant, claiming she needs to comb her hair
He’s a PoS, that lady is doing her job & he’s talking shit about her. If I were her, I’d sue him for filming me w/o my consent. I see raggedy...
UPDATE Lizzo in LSA White Kangs DMs + Update
some white men are so sexy ladies its time to migrate lol
Keke Palmer: "I don’t believe in girlfriend and boyfriend. I’m single till I’m married. Let’s...
She fucked someone else and instead of being called a cheater. She would rather send this message out.
How can I make myself be attracted to average men?
I'm a minor and even l can see the stupidity o putting so much emphasis on age If you are a minor, this discussion is not for you. Don't you...
Why do some bw defend ww honor so much?
I saw that thread, I didn't comment in it tho. I think the issue was more about Dababy being a complete asshole than it was about defending some...
Chloe Singing To Drake Skin Glowing
I don’t get the hype with this girl. There is nothing sexy or captivating about her
Trevor Jackson - Get To You (Music Video)
The jeans—Strike 1!! The “ankle”socks—Strike 2!! The “Coming To America” braid at the back of his head—Strike 3!! “YOU’RE OUT!!”
EDP445 exposed for trying to get with underage girls
Who the hell is this? This ***** looks absolutely disgusting.
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Random Thoughts 2021 Edition...
This shit only happens to me. I'm not going to urgent care.
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