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Was My Professor Being Racist?
Yeah, that'll work.( sarcasm) Universities are not retail stores where you report a bad employee to the manager and get results. Be quiet. You...
Married At First Sight: Unmatchables
No she did not THE FUCK fart just now. Is she on a spectrum of some sort????? yeah, she's on the edge of being a human trash can.
How are Capricorn and Aquarius women as Mothers?
My mom is a Capricorn, Capricorn is referred to as “the father”. And it makes sense. There supposed to be a feminine sign, which they are. But...
SC Governor Ends PUA/Unemployment
Jobs Report: DISAPPOINTING! The unemployment rate rose to 6.1% from 6%, while economists had expected it to drop to 5.8%. This is AFTER PPP just...
lsa unpopular opinions that we aren't talking about
Like it or not, black people need each other and all this fighting back and forth isn’t helping us at all. Both sides will never divest from each...
Why Disney doesn’t make superstars?
That’s interesting. I definitely consider them Disney but I respect your opinion. I can see some people viewing them as Disney. If my memory is...
Arabian Conjure
And I more than “cozy up to black folks” I LOVE black folks. My cousins and I marched in SEVERAL BLM protests, I speak about black issues as often...
Do white European men even like fat butts?
I think the French are the worst when it comes to this, I felt a little big in the French Riviera. in Spain, it's not uncommon to see big guts...
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