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RHOA Drew is the worst housewife ever!
Drew is dumb, comes on like a freight train and lacks self awareness. BUT *deep sigh* Can't believe that I am kinda sorta defending her but...
Brandy Working On A Song With Niecy Nash’s Wife, Jessica.
Glad to see Brandy and Niecy's friendship. It seemed like they fell out for a bit.
New York Who These Chicks Be Vol. 24
I can’t stand that Trapezoid bitch she wants to be an it girl so bad with her cubic zirconia jewelry and Aliexpress clothes....and that mouth is...
Why do some bw defend ww honor so much?
What was supposed to set us a part from every other group was our ability to not entertain no nut ass shit. What he did was disgusting and he was...
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UPDATE Welcome to Chiraq: The tales of liars, killas and stealers.
How they handled Durk and put him back in the car is how they should have did Von. This further confirms the o blockers weren't there for Von like...
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MakeupShayla General Discussion Thread
yes! the center cut needs to sit a little higher to be flushed. Exactly. The man had one job (literally, since he doesn’t work) and he still...
Awkward interactions with melanin deficient males?
Not to derail, but I like this term melanin deficient. I can’t wait to say Ew if you don’t get yo melanin deficient arse tf outta my face...
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