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F1 Racing 2021 Season Thread
Does anyone have any tea on Daniel Ric? or any of the other drivers? They can't be that squeaky clean image they try to portray on camera. He is...
Tight protective style and itchy scalp
After soaking the hair is it the same as before? yes yes rich cookie.the hair is the same after washing it in vinegar.let it hang dry.washing...
New interracial couple with a disabled man.
Armando’s IG stories are so cute lol. I hope they make more videos with him
TashaMarie TMR And Her Lowly Flock Of Birds
In today’s infamous live that she set private she copied Liv saying “I’m that Bitch”. Even went off saying Jackie and the reactors YT channel...
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Buckingham Swirl: The Prince Charles (and Family) Appreciation Thread
The only reason some are thinking about him staying in England longer is because they are so desperate for him to leave Meghan and their children...
Robert De Niro's lawyer: He's running low on cash due to cost of divorce & it forces him to take...
This is disgusting. That font lives to put down women. It's disgusting. He probably replays videos like this over and over again for kicks
Mark Lamont Hill questions BLM founder who has become a multimillionaire
Y’all haven’t heard BLM is a complete sham? The money they raised went to TRANS organizations to benefit TRANSGENDERS. People thought they were...
Why Didn't You Cancel Doja Cat?
I definitely cancelled her; then somewhat forgave her. I redownloaded her music back on my phone, and I’’Ll give her another chance music wise. I...
OJ Was So Hot
lol this is the OJ I remember and I remember him with his first wife and commercials. He was ok back in the day.. His first wife gives me...
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