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Whitney White (Naptural85 | Dear Natural85) youtuber OFFICIAL THREAD
I see the Shitpe fan girls are back. Whitney definitely doesn't seem back with him but co-parenting healthily. The way she described the old...
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Ariana Fletcher aka @therealkylesister & Associates Discussion Thread
Rah a fool for this! :ROFLMAO: Juiccy somewhere high off the attention sucking up them kids Capri suns and hot Cheetos. Ari somewhere acting...
Valter Skarsgard Appreciation Thread
valter younger Are your apart of the discord? Someone made a channel for valter.
Gold Digger Astrology
Venus in cap is the ultimate in gold digging tho...
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Is it possible for an artificial intelligent program to have a soul?
This is tangential but I'll be disappointed if I don't see some beep boops in heaven when I get there. What if the robot dedicated its life to...
Prince Phillip funeral watch thread
Brits and Anglicans, please don't drag me, but this choir is killing me. We need Hezekiah, the Winans, the Clark Sisters...something. I kid...I...
Did anyone actually grow their hair with fermented rice water?
TIp: If you want to try fermented rice water, use black rice instead of white or jasmine rice. Also, let it ferment for 12 hours instead of 24...
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Prince paris and bigi pic/discussion thread part 14
Why would black people care about who they marry? Those kids have zero connection to black culture and obviously live their lives as white people...
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