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YOUTUBER Keesha Anderson - Thread 3
Why none of the men carried her out??? Another woman had to She stink.
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Meghan Markle unpopular opinions thread pt 2
I don’t think Harry is in love with Kate. He might have a crush, but I think he’s type is thin and blonde and a bit dumb. He’s got mummy issues...
Why does LSA think old rich men are stupid?
Right. Thus, you agree that those men are more likely to be book smart than not. You also agree that those men are more likely to be financially...
Spinoff - People love the downfall of attractive women
The jazzma thread is so sickening. Some of you posting about fumbling the billionaire bag will never meet a billionaire in your life. You will...
Food-addicted woman too fat to fit in a plane seat sheds 182 lbs during lockdown
An inspiration! I also have the worry about fitting in the plane seats. Some planes I fit fine, others I don’t. My issue is that a lot of foods...
Floyd Mayweather, Chris Rock, and Jamie Foxx
Is the guy in the Kangol ole boy from Teddy Riley’s Verzuz? Yeh that’s Breyon Prescott
The harlemwriter aka miss fix ya credit aka miss blow fish aka tina 2x
She’s prego. Yesssss I just saw her post. She said they weren’t together not even 6 months
Lyfe buys son his own business for his birthday
He should've bought that boy a house or got 529 plan. Or invested the money until he hit 21. Shit white people just give their kids money for...
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Chris Evans Exchange Thread Part II
Honestly, this reaction face should be a rating option on LSA! That, and the "I'm thirsty AF and drooling uncontrollably" emoji rating as well...
Trevor Noah Girlfriend?
Even white people won’t go for the pandering bullshit because some truly believe in learning about the black struggle & helping and to find out...
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