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The Black Men On Clubhouse Are Discouraging Black Women Who Want To Divest From Them...
This! Just like with certain forums here, I don't understand why people frequent them knowing that they are toxic. Omg Kicks lol I need you. Lol...
What do you guys think about SheRaSeven1?
Papa Dee's craziness is funny, when he's nervous and starts mumbling and cussing lol But watching him do his makeup ewwww
Ever have a coworker try to get you in trouble?
Not to my knowledge. That was so low down of your coworker. I wonder what purpose that even served their run and tell dat ass.
Lolo Jones, 38, opens up about difficulty dating: ‘You give up hope’
its still weird that youre a virgin at 29. youve had sexual urges since probably 13 and youve been suppressing them for what? waste of prime...
I Finally Figured Out The Best Ben & Jerry’s Flavor
Cherry Garcia. The mixture of cherries and dark chocolate is deadly. That’s a good one. And Half Baked & Chubby Hubby. Ooooh baby
Terry Crews Says Overcoming Porn Addiction Isn't About "Willpower": It's Literally A Lack Of...
I disagree. Many addicts know exactly the harm they are causing to themselves and the people around them. They just don't care enough or aren't...
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