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Starbucks 'is considering quitting Facebook because moderators are overwhelmed by hate speech'
The best part of waking up, is Folger’s in your cup! Facebook is a cesspool. It’s funny how Starbucks posted a photo about stopping Asian hate...
YouTube's Beef Sector: The Poor Reports
Lmao don’t fall for this sob story. This is the cycle of Cly. She will be back to talking shit and will sneak diss until the end of time. When...
Ti says him and tiny are riding until the wheels fall off "All we need is us"
They want to be the ghetoo bonnie and clyde so bad give it. up deelishis Right lmao. Still popping that shit like the feds arent lurking. Lol...
Atlanta Tea 2.0: 2021 Edition
dominique it’s mother’s day go chill with your mother child :sleep:
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Michele Morrone: The Mafia Thirst Thread
Here we go again ladies! :confused2
Anything Drake & His Hoes 2020
Shouldn’t y’all be spending time with your mother or kids? Instead of in here finding something negative and bitchy to say about him wishing her...
The Henry Cavill Appreciation & (Former) Harem Meet-up Thread (Part 6)
I lost my mom as a teen too, I think it’s nice that she included that resource. Comments are limited which is good, never understood the whole...
The authorities may have found the killer of Jon benet
Right and if I’m not mistaken, boys don’t develop sperm until their like 13 when they hit puberty. My theory is that the father did it or they...
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