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Overweight women not being attracted to and clowning overweight men
The fact is why did fat women created a movement against fat shaming then ? They should let people fat shame them then . We have the right not to...
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America in the Biden-Harris Era Tarot Tea Thread III
She needs to go to the doctor ASAP because she is swollen, specifically her fingers. Her blood pressure must be through the roof. But oh well, her...
BBC creativy diversity boss says Idris Elba as Luther 'not Black enough'
Yikes. I had to do a quick google search of the head of bb c diversity. It’s a black woman. I’m disappointed but somehow not surprised. There’s...
New $3,000 child tax credit to start payments in July, IRS says
I thought the max amount of kids you could receive a credit for was three when you filed taxes? This credit doesn’t have a cap. You get a credit...
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