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Dababy makes fun of a flight attendant, claiming she needs to comb her hair
Here she is away from her family serving you and your dusty ass friends and all you can do is talk about her appearance?
The ebegging life of YouTuber Mia MyLife Now
Why does she keep telling people about 'what she gets' and 'if someone is helping her'?
Chloe Singing To Drake Skin Glowing
Yeah I know I just thought it would have blown up more. Imma ride till the wheels fall off for them girls though. Who knows maybe it would work...
Most Played Out Overhyped Ethnic Cuisine: Italian, Chinese or Japanese Food
Italian. Anyone saying that Japanese or Chinese food is overhyped probably only eats Panda Express or sushi from the grocery store, or thinks...
The Henry Cavill Appreciation & (Former) Harem Meet-up Thread (Part 6)
I was talking about this with someone today! I had to do the exact same thing and I just can’t make myself believe people like non dairy cheese...
New York Who These Chicks Be Vol. 24
I was thinking that too. It was def to spite someone. But she said should couldn’t have kids. She lies about anything including the story about...
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Any GOSPEL tea? (Part IV)
We hear their side of the story. We don’t know Bishop Shepard’s side. Granny William didn’t come on last night. And Earl Carter has nothing...
Really Moderna?
I was gonna get Moderna cause mostly everybody l know got Moderna or Johnson but they only had Phizer im the only one l know who got that I'm good...
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