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Most Played Out Overhyped Ethnic Cuisine: Italian, Chinese or Japanese Food
Japanese, because some of these motherfuckers wanna eat sushi every damned day Also Indian, people hype it up to me but most of it looks...
US spent more thant $2.261 Trillion on Pointless Afghanistan War, in which ~240,000 Have Died.
as soon as bin laden was killed, the USA should have left. Afghanistan will never be a stable nation, with the west pulling out, its time for...
Having children gets you on the fast track to poverty
I guess people has different views in life. Whatever makes you happy. Most people I know family means the most to them. If you think hobby brings...
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YOUTUBER Keesha Anderson - Thread 3
right. Like why you buying food for a whole n*gha (that ain’t even ya man). If it’s guys on the trip, they should be paying for shit. She is so...
Secure The Bag Flops: A Thread
I know of this Italian couple being both famous and scandalous in italy in the 2010s. Sugar daddy and his sugar woman. they even have a son...
That’s messed up! She is not fat, and ugly. That’s too far. I agree she isn’t tbh. She just has found a balance between dressing her body anddd...
WTF! I had a crazy dream about RIHANNA!
Better than the dream I had about her. I dreamt her and OJ Simpson were trying to kill me. I felt so betrayed lol.
fridge shaped yellowboned queen actually pregnant?
Sad situation, but I don't feel sorry for Dani or DaBaby. She's a racist and he's a psychopath who hits women. I feel sorry for his Black children...
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