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YOUTUBER Keesha Anderson - Thread 3
Keesha made sure she showed that boy every chance she got lol. Paris stupid as$ was clearly in on it :cautious:
Dababy makes fun of a flight attendant, claiming she needs to comb her hair
I’m just glad it’s not another black woman being harrassed for her hair...
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How often do men approach you to get your number?
So many brag and equate how fine they are with how often men approach them. Well this ya time to brag fonts. It is a private poll so can’t say it...
Trevor Noah Girlfriend?
All of that Bragelina and Bennifer drama took place pre-social media though. Public image mattered a lot back then. Not so much anymore. A few...
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Chris Evans Exchange Thread Part II
Honestly yes. Very annoyed by the people in the Chris x Lizzo thread that he'll never date or marry Lizzo because she's plus sized. Not sure why...
London/UK fonts: Let's talk £50k+ careers
Any tips on improving communication skills? I'm thinking about landing into a digital PM role but I feel like I might not be good enough to...
FedEx shooter Brandon Hole was obsessed with ‘My Little Pony’: report
what's an incel? a new word like hotep was years ago?? Involuntary celibate aka white boy losers who don’t get pussy and take it out on the world
TashaMarie TMR And Her Lowly Flock Of Birds
Her own husband doesn’t want her touching him. She thought he was coming to hug her That is hilarious. He was trying to get by her, looking like...
BREAKING: A new bill proposed in the Minnesota would make anyone convicted of a crime at a...
Are you kidding me? They know exactly who they're targeting. Young African Americans that need those loans. Blk people need to stay the hell away...
YouTube's Beef Sector: The Poor Reports
Damn replaying SK live and sound mad asf and jealous asf of you Gooseyy.. Lol Now why get that mad at grown man not wanting to be on your platform...
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