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Boyfriend States His Girl Is Gonna Owe Him For A Few Days After Spending 150.42 Eating Out
This dust mop looks like he drives Uber for a living so, yeah, that $150 was like giving up $150,000. Any man who thinks that he deserves...
ShareesLove143 Discussion Thread...
Right like 1st off all that body spray gna make u stink! Second NOBODY USES VAGISIL OR SUMMER EVES that much like come ON. Why she look stinky...
Dad upset after white school staff cuts his black daughters hair...
What am I missed? I don’t understand why the school cut her hair. I understand the first incident , some bad little kid cut her hair on the school...
UPDATE Lizzo in LSA White Kangs DMs + Update
Never seen a white man make a video about a black woman like this.
Victoria Monét With Her Fine Baby Daddy & Daughter Hazel
All I see is pretty skin! The baby looks just like the dad, she's adorable. Please don't make this a debate about her being unmarried. Take your...
Philly Tea Volume Iii. Motherless Children, Row Home Hoochies, Broke Scammers, And Botched Surgeries
damn 4am and no where to sleep i see you and walley aint go out to eat with the other 3 last night They just wandering the islands in the wee...
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America in the Biden-Harris Era Tarot Tea Thread III
When Auntie sees Marjorie in person after she introdies bill to expel her
Have any of you guys caught yourself doing this while working out at the gym??
I do this all the time on my bike since I've been taking my indoor cycling classes from home. Don't ask me how you can dance on a bike ... you...
Raven Elyse Discussion Thread Part XVI | The Lazy & The Crusty
I hope she takes those braids out expeditiously her hair is going to break off so bad
Kate Middleton proclaimed the "Rock" of reborn royal family
They been trying make Kate Middleton happen for over a decade now.
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