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UPDATE Reddit Users Are LEGALLY Gaming The Stock Market...
Me trying to follow the safemoon instructions This is me. I just took a screenshot and saved videos. Coffee hasn't kicked it yet and synapses...
Why does LSA think old rich men are stupid?
That's why most rich men don't marry models or regular women who are 10's. A man isn't just going to marry a woman because she's pretty. She has...
People laughing at this "double homicide" clip, let me be mean...
I didn’t find it funny. I think that was sad and inappropriate.
Calls to expel Maxine Waters for inciting violence gain steam
After that second impeachment foolywang MISS ME with the shits.
Brixana (Briana Monique') Discussion
Bri, learn how to eat pasta noodles.... this is hood rat table etiquette. LOL I noticed this too. Not you taking the biggest bite of pasta ever...
UPDATE Jonathan Scott
FFS! :rolleyes: He's gonna need a girdle if he doesn't start eating better and exercising more.
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