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The Henry Cavill Appreciation & (Former) Harem Meet-up Thread (Part 6)
It’s the Witch Dickter... Ngl this song annoyed me SO MUCH when I was younger. Now I’ve got it stuck in my head again :sob: Are not all their...
Daunte Wright called his mom before being shot. George Floyd yelled for his. As a Black mother...
I read the story. I’d usually agree but she quite literally doesn’t have any Black daughters. Just one child. A Black son. She’s still doing the...
Are Non Black Women Really More Respected And Protected Than Black Women On A Societal Level?
However shattered and fragile white women, asian women may be, black women have it 10 times worse. You don't have to dig deep at all to see it. If...
Polyglot Moses McCormick, aka Laoshu 505000, aka The Human Translator has Passed Away
Woah I just found out about this! I’m so shook cause I watched him recently(3 months ago...).
What is it like living in Boston as a Black person?
Will you relax! There's a Boston theme with each video! LOL Oh ok. I thought you were trying to start that shit.
When did this trend of letting your acrylic nails grow out begin?
I can't stand to see a lot of regrowth, especially with bright and dark colors. You don't look polished. When I missed a nail appointment, I would...
Smash or Pass: Alan Shirahama
Stats Height: Not sure (idol companies always add or subtract a few inches) but he was roughly my height so we'll say 5'5/5'6 Age: 27 Zodiac: Leo...
Miami Tea Ch 4 2021
Deb___e old ass give me wanna be down vibes I thought I was the only one who peep that smh like sit your ugly ass down damn
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