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Polyglot Moses McCormick, aka Laoshu 505000, aka The Human Translator has Passed Away
Woah I just found out about this! I’m so shook cause I watched him recently(3 months ago...).
What is it like living in Boston as a Black person?
Will you relax! There's a Boston theme with each video! LOL Oh ok. I thought you were trying to start that shit.
When did this trend of letting your acrylic nails grow out begin?
I can't stand to see a lot of regrowth, especially with bright and dark colors. You don't look polished. When I missed a nail appointment, I would...
Smash or Pass: Alan Shirahama
Stats Height: Not sure (idol companies always add or subtract a few inches) but he was roughly my height so we'll say 5'5/5'6 Age: 27 Zodiac: Leo...
Miami Tea Ch 4 2021
Deb___e old ass give me wanna be down vibes I thought I was the only one who peep that smh like sit your ugly ass down damn
ex of Michael Antwon Bennett (former NFL player) alleges he has CTE & kidnapped their daughter
Of she has physical custody how was he a lento just take the daughter for a month? I know we don't know the whole story but by now cops would be...
The Henry Cavill Appreciation & (Former) Harem Meet-up Thread (Part 6) He definitely gave her an old woman’s shirt, it’s...
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Smash or Pass: Japanese musician, consider very handsome in his country
L'arc en Ciel is such a good band I picked up the guitar just so i could learn to play driver's high Young hyde and miyavi were serving style.
Does JM truly care for me or just want to smash? Will we have a succession lucrative business partnership? When I go out of town in a few weeks...
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