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What is it like living in Boston as a Black person?
But Mark Wahlberg can't possibly represent every person in Boston. Or at least I hope not so. There racist people everywhere. It is what it is...
What Has HE Done For You Lately? Something I've Learned About Prayer
Thank you Lord for protecting me from a lot of pain and suffering Thank you Lord for keeping my family, my loved ones and I in good health and...
Going to the toilet a lot at work
Depends on the industry you work in. I know supervisors gets a little suspicious or nasty if you work in retail, warehouse, or blue collar work...
RHOA Todd needs to not open up another restaurant....
I would not trust a seafood restaurant by Kandi Burruss. Yuck.
Atlanta Tea 2.0: 2021 Edition
Once.. what u accept will be what u regret. if u do choose to stay I at least hope u cheat back... Safely of course lol If you’re talking about...
UPDATE White U.S. Army sergeant charged with assault after viral video shows him harassing a black man...
@SeventeenDayze This you right ? My my house interesting
Justin and Hailey Synastry
Just saw the documentary about Justin and Hailey, i got the strong impression that he likes the support and safety she offers, but live ist...
Pelosi Laptop Thief's Dad Busted On Child Porn Charges In Undercover Sting
LMAO wouldn’t it be yummy if his daughter turned snitch to save his own ass.
Any one hate their family?
She so insecure and miserable that she ruined my toothpaste, tooth brush, bed and hair products all because I left her home. She had over 2 hours...
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