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Hotep Hustla's EXPOSED vOL 34. CHAKABARS
HAHAHAHAH If this aint Chaka. I looked into his former partners and it was lightskin with 1 looking as european as can be . And always the black...
What is it like living in Boston as a Black person?
I don't understand why does the Boston area has over 50 universities. That's just way too many colleges in one area. Wow, that's a lot. I've...
Dionne Warrick says Mariah , Brandy, Mary J and Toni are not icons
So is this really like the legends panel irl or....she’s really like that irl?? I’m screamingggg Did you really slide Beyonce in with these...
Lolo Jones, 38, opens up about difficulty dating: ‘You give up hope’
She's still a virgin? I'm a 29 year old one and i'm sure I will be in relationship and no longer a virgin at her age. its still weird that youre...
Daunte Wright called his mom before being shot. George Floyd yelled for his. As a Black mother...
What do you mean how does she feel about it? She completely disagrees and feels Daunte Wright, George Floyd & most of the victims of police...
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Meghan Markle unpopular opinions thread pt 2
Gawd, when the piper played The Lament, I was a blubbering, snotty mess. And the trumpets playing the last post
My Jazzy Life
Jazzman came on IS early this morning looking like her ass cried all night! I betcha that big hip mfer didn’t come home all night leaving her at...
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YOUTUBER Keesha Anderson - Thread 3
Wow, Jermisha really is a bought and paid for bitch! Big Keef put that call in and told Jerm to clean it TF up and his weak ass complied...
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