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Mark Wahlberg and brother Donnie announce the passing of their mother Alma at age 78: 'My angel'
Sorry for their loss but aren’t they racist? I hope their “angel” ain’t teach them that. Yesssssss she knew of her son's out of control behavior.
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How often do men approach you to get your number?
Social media and porn has screwed up a lot of men's mind in detemining what is an attractive women. Yup these filters and photoshop pics have...
9ja gist live 2021 (Brand New Tea Thread)
How old is this fairest babe ? Always giving high school mean girl vibes with all those quotes she posts. She and nar@ are the same thing please
Celebs who look related but aren't?
& Toya from Married to Medicine Look related.
Really Moderna?
They said this months ago... Just let people do their own research and make their own informed decisions. Y’all love fear mongering and...
Chloe Singing To Drake Skin Glowing
Wr all know why LSA is starting to hate on Chloe Just like yall hate on Normani. Both must be doing something right. Chloe looks good and...
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TOYOTA ForEver youtube channel discussion thread part VII
No lie as much as Toya is a hot mess Drew looked so pressed tryna expose her and ended up looking like a stalker. I think Drew reads on here and...
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