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So what’s going on with Tyga and Amber Rose ???
Those kids are quite adorable and I don’t say that about everyone’s kids.
I do not like lovelyti2002
Did y'all peep how she said she wouldn't block her white subscriber who told her to stop making things about race, but when it's a black...
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The Clubhouse App Official Discussion Thread
How do you know this? He’s not white. He looks like Drake. Br00klynbella keep up lmao. His picture was shown. Not bringing his photo back up...
Nonuplets: Woman from Mali gives birth to nine babies
Poor woman, that must have been so heavy to carry. She's been on bedrest since they counted 7.
Philly Tea Volume Iii. Motherless Children, Row Home Hoochies, Broke Scammers, And Botched Surgeries
Girl get out the baseroom first Imagine pulling up to your row home with this and have to park on the corner because you can’t find...
Chris Brown VS His Stans Over His Baby Mama Ammikaa
People are weird as FUCK. This man has a right to defend the mother of his child. A whole bunch of nobodies in a comment section talking shit...
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“My wife inherited $800K. She put $300K toward our mortgage and $500K in her own bank account”
I want to drag this guy so bad. Like how are you 65 with no savings, no 401K, AND 80k in credit card debt? The fuck is wrong with him?? The wife...
Kate Middelton Early Years photos
Whew, I never realized how shapeless she was. I don't pay that much attention to her. She's got a shape like an ironing board. You can be slim but...
G Herbo hit with another federal charge for allegedly lying to a federal agent in connection to...
I'd love to see how they spin this in that ari thread to make him look like an innocent victim being led astray
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