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Black Women Defend Others The Same Way They Want To Be Defended?
I personally believe that the trickle down effect is not real, just because you’re defending others doesn’t mea It simply will not benefit you, it...
Your state’s dialect quirk
That pin-pen merger is real in these Memphis streets.
Brixana (Briana Monique') Discussion
Bri, learn how to eat pasta noodles.... this is hood rat table etiquette. did you notice how Keke mentioned that they were late to every dinner...
FedEx shooter Brandon Hole was obsessed with ‘My Little Pony’: report
Aren’t weeaboos obsessed with anime and Japanese culture instead? I think it stared that way but I’ve heard both be used interchangeably
RHOP RHOP Preview, in case u missed it!
Then if she has an std then bed hopping Jamal has an std. And I am sure we would have heard by now from his other women if they had an STD. We...
What do you suspect was the real motivation of Alonzo Brooks' friends for "going to get cigarettes"?
I dont believe the story of him 'wanting to stay' because he was 'having a blast'. I can believe he was tryna get with the white girl, thats what...
if you were famous would you look yourself up?
i would try not to, but i know curiosity would get the best of me.
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Meghan Markle unpopular opinions thread pt 2
That's what happens when you have a ugly mind and heart you turn from beautiful to a full blown horse aka Anne Are you okay? Try...
Dad upset after white school staff cuts his black daughters hair...
“genetics are crazy” “throwback genes from the antebellum” “Black people come in so many colours” :ROFLMAO:
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