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Ayy do British people have to bow to their “royals”?
We're expected to, but no-one gets arrested or anything if one doesn't. If you said "Hey Lizzie" to the Queen and offered her a handshake, you'd...
DJ Mustard and Wife Chanel's “Stylist” Karissa C Walker Allegedly Stole From Them and Ran Up...
Is it one of those deals where he sold his publishing to get future ownership of his masters and publishing? Nope, flat out sold everything...
Discovery Plus Say Michael was Innocent
in their new documentary. Faking It - They go in depth into past interviews and have behavioural analysts and profilers who have analysed all...
How do you lose hips?
Im Midi wrap skirts. They minimize the hips. I’ma midi dress queen, this is facts.
Is Nene going to Zeus Network?
That's really dope if she is. Stop supporting white business corporations who don't value you nor your work. Viacom is the devil. All money isn't...
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YOUTUBER Keesha Anderson - Thread 3
Y'all noticed he said when you got looks. He ain't said a doggone thing about money.
Saweetie and Doja Cat Deliver A Tragic Performance at the #TrillerFightClub
I don’t think they made her leave it out. I thought she stumbled on those words. They did, you can tell and it's common. The same reason you...
Twitter sets its Africa headquarters in Ghana
Thank you. Very informative answer. Are there any grumblings about their influence? Do they own any media outlets like the Gupta(Indian) family in...
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