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Meghan Markle unpopular opinions thread pt 2
This photo makes me question whether MM's driving ambition is to scrub this version of herself. The only problem is she believes she can buy a new...
Calls to expel Maxine Waters for inciting violence gain steam
This is the crux of the case made by the editorial: The minority House leader says if Pelosi doesn’t take action, he will: **Your personal...
Lyfe buys son his own business for his birthday
very nice. but seeing how Lyfe treated women on L&HH, leaving her in the park...he's def on this list for me:
UPDATE Reddit Users Are LEGALLY Gaming The Stock Market...
In sum, people should take the time to understand where their money is going even 401k. I was surprised to know so many of my friends don't at...
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YOUTUBER Keesha Anderson - Thread 3
Now Dee on live talking about she’s done and this will be her last time speaking on this lmaoooo. If you and Keesha scared just say that. Too...
Kate Middleton proclaimed the "Rock" of reborn royal family
Yes, she definitely looks like the cold, racist, thieving bitch that Elizabeth is.
ShareesLove143 Discussion Thread...
I’ve been following this page for sometime. And I just wanted to hop on here and show y’all how much of a sick and twisted broad this girl is...
YouTuber IamChelsieJanea
Aint no mf way you gon sit up here and talk about Deion like that, Big Pooh. No mam I’m sickuh you. stop trying to embarrass this man. He...
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