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Antidepressants on children?
My child is 13 and was diagnosed with depression & anxiety. They were not effective...come to find out, she had a learning disability that nobody...
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Adina Howard Freak Like Me or Monica Just One Of Them Days
Freak Like Me But that Monica song “Ain’t Nobody” with Treach gives it a run for its money Omg I’ve been trying to find what song this was...
In US 128 million people, 49.7% have gotten at least one shot with 82 million fully vaccinated
For those whose aren’t, we are just fine. Everyone just needs to live their life and mind their business, not alienating one side or the other...
Saweetie and Doja Cat Deliver A Tragic Performance at the #TrillerFightClub
I try not to praise k-poppers but I'm not going to lie, western music industry need to study and adapt SOME ASPECTS of their model if they want...
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Meghan Markle unpopular opinions thread pt 2
She could buy a flower farm and it wouldn't make up for her reprehensible behavior. I couldn't believe she leaked details about the wreath. (And...
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UPDATE Confirmed: Kobe Bryant, 41, and daughter Gianna, 13, killed in helicopter crash
She doesn't get any money from Vanessa anymore otherwise she wouldn't be kicked out of the home they bought for her.. .... that why she took...
Changing jobs like underwear
Also, you not being able to remember your childhood may be a sign of trauma
Rihanna giving "vocal" lessons on The Voice...
Funny how actual singers all respected her advice and coaching.
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