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Was I wrong in my FWB relationship? Come drag me if I was...
you are wrong for even putting yourself in this situation. if you dont cum it aint a fwb relationship. youre just a cum receptacle. you can do better
Duchess of Cambridge In London to promote her charity book Hold still
Finally! Something positive and good! Though I think this would’ve been a top-seller without a royal seal of approval. She looks good
Different Phenotypes In Africa Diaspora
Youre either white man pretending to be 100 percent West African, or an uncle Tom confused Troll. What you posted "muh whyte manez liez" is...
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Loose Puthy Peasant Presents: The Queen Naija Story
Chris and cj so cool are both getting laughed at because honestly the shit is immature and petty on both ends cj the who brought queen up and...
Cashier Arrested After Hitting Disruptive Customer With A Full Wine Bottle
idk. at first i was like "what did the customer do? cuz i know he probably did something to cause the cashier to get mad." but now idk, because...
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New Black YouTube Family Alert. Bloveslife+Man In The House
Is that blove rapping in the Bentley video??!!!!
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The Clubhouse App Official Discussion Thread They in here LYING! LMAO... they blaming unfollows, moving people to the gulag, muting speakers...
The SeBAEstian Stan Thread Pt V...
Is that the girl who went on a fake pap stroll with C. Evans last year? e1 Yep, that’s her.
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Chris Cornell Blind Item - Might Explain His Death XII
So SHE hired the BG? The celebrity BG? And yes, I can see how when things seemed “normal”, and CC being controlled by her threats, that the BG...
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