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Middle class black people: When was the moment you knew you had some level of privilege?
Remember no minority of people ever received economic freedom through government policies. It all came through a solid family unit, education...
Why do some people act like they have so much clout in their hometown than they really do?
So many people like to call a place “my city” or claim they “run (insert city here)” just because they know a few famous people who came up in...
ABC is Ending Blackish With Season 8
Also plus the kids are aging out of their roles. Jack and Diane are no longer the cute little twins and Devante is non existent most episodes...
The Underground Railroad (Amazon Prime) Discussion and viewing Thread
Yesss! After George Floyd I cannot see anymore black people tortured. Why can't we have regular shows? It is only trauma porn for white people...
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YOUTUBER Keesha Anderson - Thread 3
Here go one Hating as$ bi*ch :mad:
Lamar Odom Responds to Loser Morales Lawsuit Claims for Child Support
In NY child support continues until the child is 21 unless the kid is emancipated. So if a child goes to college that means the child support...
What is the tea on Shannon Boodram??
They are. And they’re all honestly too damn old for this nonesense. It’s all fun and games in your early 20s but after that it’s just old. I bet...
Black Love Season 5
I am late as hell so imma get caught up! Thanks for the tag as always @Nana Peazant
My new Puppy Lady
AHHH SHE'S SO ADORABLE! I wanted this breed of dog, but I don't know if a dog would get along with my cat.
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