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Buckingham Swirl: The Prince Charles (and Family) Appreciation Thread
The Gold Standard Advisers are failing again I think they're trying to push the life of service crap. but tone deaf as usual. didn't Bully's...
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My boyfriend got another girl pregnant
My question are you coming on a forum full of strangers, ask for advice, then get defensive when we try to tell you common sense...
Serious Question About Fate Of The Furious
Even though I’m a fan of the fast and furious movies, they have gotten overly ridiculous. Charlize is just so problematic, I can’t stand her for...
How do you like living in New York City as a Black person?
I love it! I’ve been here going on 7 years and it’s so much better than were I come from (Charlotte). The diversity and the experiences alone. To...
Manager said we had to return to the office, entire team ignores her.
LOL!! Based on your comments in this thread. You’re not a true leader, you’re just a boss. I’m pretty sure when you have your retirement party at...
Porsha is bothered that she didn’t get an invite to Moore Manor. Retweets Kenya is a hypocrite
Porsha out here calling Kenya a hypocrite for not being invited to Moore Manor to see Kenya new boobs.
New $3,000 child tax credit to start payments in July, IRS says
I guess we’ll just keep glossing over me working crazy overtime. I work 4-6 12 hr shifts a week. Im work fucking very hard reason I take it...
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