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MakeupShayla General Discussion Thread
I think its over, over for Raye and her huband. That man is a clown. His IG stories reads fuckboi x100 The way he kept staring in the camera made...
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Chris Evans Exchange Thread Part II
I'm sorry. But that whole rant seems like some childish Tumblr bullshit where people take a joke too seriously and read too much into it because...
Azealia Banks says she is Kanye’s new ting
Chile-- I know she's trolling, but two mentally ill people do not need to be together.
Saweetie and Doja Cat Deliver A Tragic Performance at the #TrillerFightClub
I ain’t even gonna click on it. Don’t wanna die from second hand embarrassment I only made it to 15 seconds. had to stop after that because i...
Hotep Hustla's EXPOSED vOL 34. CHAKABARS
I'm confused by him. One moment he's dragging people who have puritanical views on sexuality and female modesty, and the next moment he's dragging...
The Black Men On Clubhouse Are Discouraging Black Women Who Want To Divest From Them...
There's too many telling women how to get a man, keep a man or ask a man questions. I don't know why don't flip the script on there. And none of...
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Buckingham Swirl: The Prince Charles (and Family) Appreciation Thread
I think the insinuation is that Charles is her father. Penny was allegedly with him too and he walked her down the aisle I think if someone tried...
What do you guys think about SheRaSeven1?
Papa Dee's craziness is funny, when he's nervous and starts mumbling and cussing lol But watching him do his makeup ewwww
Ever have a coworker try to get you in trouble?
Not to my knowledge. That was so low down of your coworker. I wonder what purpose that even served their run and tell dat ass.
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