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Mariah Carey is an American singer-songwriter, record producer, and actress. Known for her five-octave vocal range, melismatic singing style, and signature use of the whistle register, she is referred to as the "Songbird Supreme" and the "Queen of Christmas".
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Brandon Blackwood May 10th Big Bag Drop
That polka dot Kuei bag is too cute. I've been eyeing it for a while & it was sold-out.
Have y’all checked in on Qaadir lately
until i got on here i was so confused when he said "the blogs". i was like like who used blogs after 2010...
New Interracial Vlogger Couple: Meet The Lovealls
@Whytho shanna shoots Travis a random text “‘The haters know about your infidelity”.
Was I wrong in my FWB relationship? Come drag me if I was...
Honestly, I think it's because he actually is a decent guy. I felt bad cus he had epilepsy and was still dealing with the loss of his mom. He...
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Chris Cornell Blind Item - Might Explain His Death XII
What are your thoughts on why Peter and Matt are cool with him if he was guilty of a crime? Why would the band have him as one of their witnesses...
The Henry Cavill Appreciation & (Former) Harem Meet-up Thread (Part 6)
Why does the buildings in the back look different? And also in NV pic's the building look so far away? I twas thinking about this too! And I...
SNL embarrassing themselves yet again with terrible 'Gen Z Hospital' sketch
the fact that the laugh track is in inappropriate places is funnier than the actual show....
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