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How am a black woman...supposed to feel about the continuous shootings?
They died as teenagers. Just imagine if they had lived long enough to adulthood to become abusers.... Or fathers and husbands.
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The Keanu Reeves Discussion Thread
My big question regarding Berlin, is where's the rest of the cast ? He seems to be alone there. Did he go to Berlin just for training ? Because he...
Tired of these white girls emulating who they THINK we are.. Did you even read the title? I said emulating what she THINKS IS A BLACK WOMAN EXAGGERATED BLACCENT, with AAVE. like...
New $3,000 child tax credit to start payments in July, IRS says
We are broke lmfao Idk why people think 6figures is rich I could def have used the 2k for savings or vacation savings and vacation vs food...
why?? why?? why??
Sounds like you were looking for a reason to be offended when there is no need to be. Sometimes it’s just not that deep. Thank you.
Kanye West Yeezy’s most valuable sneaker in HISTORY!
Adidas must be pissed, for all their effort and hard work its the NIKE Air Yeezy's that still the most popular and sought after yeezy's.
What is Kevin Samuels on? Who listens to this dating "advice"?
Kevin faked phone calls and made it match the phone calls that Tommy has received in the past. In other words, the calls are scripted. Kevin...
US pauses J&J vaccine due to BLOOD CLOTS
During this pandemic, If nothing else, seek truth so that you can be well-informed enough to be of help to not just yourselves, but the people you...
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