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How do you define an acquaintance?
Someone you know for a while but once out of sight then out of mind.
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Preacher Heather Love
They haven't said a word about that retreat. I cant believe anyone would be stupid enough to pay 6k for 4 days in Mexico.
Nigeria 9ja gist live 2021 (Brand New Tea Thread)
My question is what “non Nigerians” are doing on a blog meant for Nigerians and then having the guts to insult the way “we look” with so much...
Indian Covid victim, 76, wakes up on her funeral bier moments before she is due to be cremated
they gonna have to use black plague tactics and start nailing peoples toes to see if they wake up. Well damn, my momma always says she doesn't...
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Do black men have the obligation of protecting black women?
If black men wanted to protect black women they would. Instead they are the biggest perpetrators of abuse towards black women. I don't expect any...
How the heck do you get a guy to dm you back on instagram?
You’re coming off thirsty. It will never work out with him anyway if he did respond. He’ll see he doesn’t have to work for you. Unless you just...
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Asian Celebs LXXVI
Thank you @Whytho for my Louis Vuitton Keepall for my trips to Seoul to visit Mark and Hallway. It's nice and big for all the...
Why Are Fonts So Boujee About Eating At Certain Fast Food Restaurants Or Chains ?
Girl, if that’s the case then you need to be quiet. LMFAO. The reason you eat at those places is because that’s what you can afford. No shame in...
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YOUTUBER Keesha Anderson - Thread 3
Poor Britt....she is not easy on the eyes. She needs a face reduction. I just try not to talk about her because she seems like a good person and...
Twitter suspends Spanish politician's account for saying "Men can't get pregnant"- flagged as...
You can ask a 5 year old and they will tell you the same thing. Men can’t get pregnant. It’s insane how backwards society is becoming even though...
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