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Who Had The Better Debut: Aaliyah, Brandy or Monica?
Brandy definitely Cause the TV shows came out. Aaliyah had a mystery to her though. So I wanted to know more. Monica... I loved her album title.
DMX was handsome
It took for him to die for y’all to notice, I’m lost I have always thought he was fine ever since I checked out his music at 14 yrs old.
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Menopausal Ladies of LSA, How Are You Dealing with the Symptoms?
Not there yet but, I blend teas for a couple of my clients that are going through it. Dong quai is good if you don’t have fibroids. Black...
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MakeupShayla General Discussion Thread
I doubt Raye will be there since her husband is in attendance...they’re separated. Wait Raye and her husband split???? Damn! What happened? I...
UPDATE Reddit Users Are LEGALLY Gaming The Stock Market...
Where are y’all buying doge? I used Voyager. and Binance also have it. It to be tradeable on Coinbase year ago. Maybe it can bring it...
Don't Drag Me But I Have a Crush on a Former Gambino Crime Family Crew Member!
#Goals Another one I'm crushing on is Michael Franzese. They say in the 80s he was making $10 million a week hustling!
Fonts of Divorced Parents - Give Me Some Advice Please!
Life is short I would tell him I found his children and help him create a Facebook accounts. Don’t listen to these wounded people on here. These...
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