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Official Aaliyah Jay Thread Part 2
watching Aaliyahs part 2 (didn't watch the part 1). I think her bag was stolen honestly. by who? idk. but I think it was stolen.
Ayy do British people have to bow to their “royals”?
All the groans are from pressed British people who bow down to rRoOyAls. I hope one day y’all can be free from “the divine rights of kings”...
Free Tarot readings about anything except for dead people
How do I delete my post? I’ve noticed it’s getting ignored and those who’s post are before and after are receiving a like. So maybe that’s a sign...
9ja gist live 2021 (Brand New Tea Thread)
Damn. She’s so unpleasant. What happened to saying “the lady in the video I posted is ....for those asking” . Do your goggles indeed . If she...
Would you be ok with renting forever?
I don’t hate on that. You know what you want. Especially because you said you didn’t want a steady relationship. I have a friend that is close to...
Mark Lamont Hill questions BLM founder who has become a multimillionaire
I am not surprised about this. This is not pouring into the black community. She could have started a project that focuses on a critical issue...
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America in the Biden-Harris Era Tarot Tea Thread III
Nah, but for real though. What did Meena do? I feel like there’s a lot of tea I’m too far behind to catch up on. The latest has been amplifying...
Saweetie and Doja Cat Deliver A Tragic Performance at the #TrillerFightClub
It is a damn shame that you really don’t miss what you had until it’s geez laweez these chicks don’t even have breath control. Nicki...
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